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Medical Providers Wanted

We are currently seeking physicians in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, Colorado, Connecticut, Arkansas, and North Dakota. EdMediHelp will work within all individual state laws regarding telemedicine and prescribing medications. Call us at 704-847-0011 to begin interview process. After successfully completing the interview process, we may extend an offer to join our network.

What happens now that I am a EDMEDIHELP Network Physician?

Upon joining the EdMediHelp network, we will provide:

Network Physician Compensation

All physicians in the EdMediHelp Network are compensated as per our standard fee schedule. The fee schedule will be presented and discussed prior to your acceptance into our physician network.


+1 888-899-0024

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"I have not been able to find an easy way to get my meds shipped out without jumping through a million hoops to get them. This company spoke with me on the phone, and shipped out my Cialis in just a few days. Highly Recommended, thanks EDMediHelp!"

- Mike B, Age 39

"My wife and I have been married 27 years. As father time kicked in through the years, I began to feel bad about my sexual performance. It wasn't my wife's fault, and I was more attracted to her than ever, I just couldn't show it in the bedroom. One night I had enough, and began an online search for a solution. After coming across EDMediHelp.com I just knew I found the answer! They helped me over the phone and shipped my sexual enhancement meds out the same day as my phone consultation. Thanks to them, my wife KNOWS I love her again!"

- Edward M, Age 51

"As a model, my husband used to get turned on from seeing my portfolios. I couldn't keep him away! But after a few years I noticed a decrease in his sex drive and he didn't seem to feel attracted to me anymore. It really affected my self confidence until I started doing some research. I found EDMediHelp.com and they were able to assist my husband in starting a stamina system, and since then it's like rolling back the clock! I literally can't keep him off of me, and I LOVE IT! Thanks EDMediHelp for helping our marriage!"

- Jessica R, Age 40

"I've used ED medications for several years now, so I know a thing or two about the quality of products. The products the EDMediHelp provides are real, made in the USA, and they simply work. Keep rocking guys and thanks so much for the highest of quality in your service and products!"

- Darryl R, Age 49

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